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Foreign Adventures

I almost lost my legs today.

That’s terrible, what happened?

I was listening to my music walking back from dinner and a force hit me so hard I almost fell down.

That’s a miracle! Did you see what hit you?

No, you never really see God coming.


It’s amazing how often I can be struck by God. Especially when I’m feeling so far away. It seems God really doesn’t like long-distance relationships; because whenever I start to drift too far away he closes the distance in a fraction of the time.

I’m confused, how does this relate to you losing your legs? -er, almost.

He showed me just how close He really is to me. And the realization almost took the strength from my legs. I guess a more accurate statement would have been I almost fell down; however, it isn’t any less miraculous.

So you almost fell down?…

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Its Just the Way I Am

This has been a “pet peeve” of mine for several decades. Excuses like “I’m shy, scared, insecure, not social, logical, emotional, not smart enough, too smart, too fat, too skinny, introverted, extroverted, not educated, was too hurt in the past” etc. “ITS JUST THE WAY I AM!” NOT!

Wow, are we going to put ourselves in a box and waste away, full of loss, bitterness, pity, shame, anger and unforgiveness? I share parts of my story with people depending on need. But most is kept in my heart to keep me humble and reliant on Christ’s power and to remind me of His amazing grace and deliverance in my life.

We all have our stories. I challenge everyone to stop saying “its just the way I am” and to start saying, “I’m going to commit my successes, failures, personality and body type to Christ and see what awesome adventures He has in store for me.

The challenge has begun…

The Amazing Butternut Squash Soup Recipe That Everyone Should Make At Least Once

The Ugly Volvo

Love butternut squash soup?  Looking for that amazing recipe that everyone on earth seems to have?  Look no further!  Follow the instructions below for soup so delicious it’ll change the way you look at fall!

aa butternut the ugly volvo 1

*               *               *

Step 1.  Buy one or two mid-sized organic butternut squash from your local farmer’s market.  Look for ones that are free of bruises, punctures (which can let in bacteria and cause mold) and brown frostbite scars, which can affect the texture and longevity of the squash.

Step 2.  Leave the squash on the counter for few days.  As the squash ages, make an easy batch of homemade chicken stock.  This soup is going to be so great, guys!  Stay with me!

Step 3.  Get distracted by things for a number of weeks.  Unpaid Bills.  Children’s illnesses or problems at school.  Work.  Relationship hassles.  Episodes of “The Walking Dead.” …

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Day 25err 26: Dates!

Foreign Adventures

Mess me up when I’m trying to keep an accurate record! The last post was posted on the tenth here in Japan not the ninth. O, but then this entry would still need to be…Once second.That could’ve been embarrassing.

Speaking of which here:

Woo, doesn’t sound too bad ne?

Well today there was really only one thing on my mind and it wasn’t the four day weekend ahead. WOO!

Instead it was God’s provision. Now if you were around me at all for the last three months before I left Colorado, you probably heard me boasting about how God had laid this path before me. I’m still so breathless from I tell people here about it!
And today he laid down another stone before me.

I was going to the international office to hand in my registration form; Btw I’m taking 20 hours of class a week, and getting 13…

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Day 21.2: Sushi!

I’m so pleased you found some Japanese Christian friends and a church. Talk about language and culture emersion (sp?). Can’t wait to talk to you. Miss you do much. I still keep thinking you’re gonna walk in and play Smallworld with Ash. We have your car and hug pillow and games.

I can’t believe it’s been a month but in ways it seems so much longer. Ash is having a hard time getting motivated in school. I think she’s really burned out. She’s had 6 internship interviews and has one more this week. And she went to all of the pre-interview parties. And she was up all night navigating for the Rsm pickup group. She’ll have to tell you all about it herself. Hopefully she’ll have an answer by the time we can Skype.

Foreign Adventures

So I can now say, not a fan. I like the rice; super tasty and warm. But the fish is just weird to me. Even so, I’ll eat it if it’s given to me, thank you Dad, but given a choice I will pick something else. I went to a sushi kaiten tonight with another nihonjin friend: Satoru san, and had six dollars worth of sushi. And I ate it all, but it just wasn’t… well, good. So yeah, can now say the in general, no, to sushi. He said whilst living in Japan.

But cool thing, the place we went to had french fries which were pretty good. They also had ice cream. ^^ Japanese people might have these foods, but that don’t mean they always know hows to eats em! I showed Satoru-san that in America you sometimes eat them together, Wendy’s, and I think he faced it with…

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Look Behind Drew

My son

You Can Call Me Drew

My name is Mark Andrew Bradshaw II, but you can call me Drew. I am a rather strange but inviting fellow. Its been a long time coming and I am not who I once was. My thoughts flow freely like my personality so it is as easy to get lost in my writing as I am lost in thought. I guess there is no better time to start but now tho.

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