Its Just the Way I Am

This has been a “pet peeve” of mine for several decades. Excuses like “I’m shy, scared, insecure, not social, logical, emotional, not smart enough, too smart, too fat, too skinny, introverted, extroverted, not educated, was too hurt in the past” etc. “ITS JUST THE WAY I AM!” NOT!

Wow, are we going to put ourselves in a box and waste away, full of loss, bitterness, pity, shame, anger and unforgiveness? I share parts of my story with people depending on need. But most is kept in my heart to keep me humble and reliant on Christ’s power and to remind me of His amazing grace and deliverance in my life.

We all have our stories. I challenge everyone to stop saying “its just the way I am” and to start saying, “I’m going to commit my successes, failures, personality and body type to Christ and see what awesome adventures He has in store for me.

The challenge has begun…


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