Day 21.2: Sushi!

I’m so pleased you found some Japanese Christian friends and a church. Talk about language and culture emersion (sp?). Can’t wait to talk to you. Miss you do much. I still keep thinking you’re gonna walk in and play Smallworld with Ash. We have your car and hug pillow and games.

I can’t believe it’s been a month but in ways it seems so much longer. Ash is having a hard time getting motivated in school. I think she’s really burned out. She’s had 6 internship interviews and has one more this week. And she went to all of the pre-interview parties. And she was up all night navigating for the Rsm pickup group. She’ll have to tell you all about it herself. Hopefully she’ll have an answer by the time we can Skype.

Foreign Adventures

So I can now say, not a fan. I like the rice; super tasty and warm. But the fish is just weird to me. Even so, I’ll eat it if it’s given to me, thank you Dad, but given a choice I will pick something else. I went to a sushi kaiten tonight with another nihonjin friend: Satoru san, and had six dollars worth of sushi. And I ate it all, but it just wasn’t… well, good. So yeah, can now say the in general, no, to sushi. He said whilst living in Japan.

But cool thing, the place we went to had french fries which were pretty good. They also had ice cream. ^^ Japanese people might have these foods, but that don’t mean they always know hows to eats em! I showed Satoru-san that in America you sometimes eat them together, Wendy’s, and I think he faced it with…

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