The Amazing Butternut Squash Soup Recipe That Everyone Should Make At Least Once

The Ugly Volvo

Love butternut squash soup?  Looking for that amazing recipe that everyone on earth seems to have?  Look no further!  Follow the instructions below for soup so delicious it’ll change the way you look at fall!

aa butternut the ugly volvo 1

*               *               *

Step 1.  Buy one or two mid-sized organic butternut squash from your local farmer’s market.  Look for ones that are free of bruises, punctures (which can let in bacteria and cause mold) and brown frostbite scars, which can affect the texture and longevity of the squash.

Step 2.  Leave the squash on the counter for few days.  As the squash ages, make an easy batch of homemade chicken stock.  This soup is going to be so great, guys!  Stay with me!

Step 3.  Get distracted by things for a number of weeks.  Unpaid Bills.  Children’s illnesses or problems at school.  Work.  Relationship hassles.  Episodes of “The Walking Dead.” …

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